One of the beautiful things about the human experience is that there is always room for expansion and growth.  There are always new goals to work towards, challenges to overcome, as well as the possibility to enjoy our lives more fully.

How can we live with more presence, awareness and more purposeful action?

What would life be like if we lived like that?

Are you ready to find out?


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I have been on a path of personal growth for over 20 years.  I have overcome a myriad of internal obstacles in my own life and so I know first hand that healing and change are possible.  I have come to use a 3 faceted approach in working with others. The first is Coaching; powerful conversations that draw on your innate wisdom and knowledge, as well as supporting you in taking purposeful action.  The second is the use of the Enneagram, which is a tool of incredible precision for psychological self understanding. After all, creating change in your life may require having the knowledge of your patterns and psychological structures.  thirdly I guide you to work with your subtle energy body and Chakras to liberate emotional blocks and detrimental beliefs that may be hiding in the subconscious.  This approach is completely customized for each person and what their needs are in the moment.


Is coaching right for me?

are you...

  • Working towards a specific goal?
  • Wanting to make a change in career or personal life, but aren't sure how? 
  • wanting Support through a transition?  
  • Feeling stuck?
  • Noticing patterns that you want to change?
  • Wanting to get more enjoyment out of life?
  • interested in Personal / Spiritual development in general?
  • Wanting to get clarity about your direction or an important decision?
  • looking for someone you can trust to give you honest feedback and be rooting for your success?



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What is the Enneagram?


“The Enneagram is a geometric figure that maps out the nine fundamental personality types of human nature and their complex interrelationship.  It is a development of modern psychology that has roots in spiritual wisdom from many different ancient traditions.”

                                           -The Wisdom of the Enneagram (page 9)


The Enneagram is not about telling you who you are by asigning a type to you, it is telling you that you are much more than your conditioned personality and Patterns.  


While there are many books on the Enneagram, I have found that “the Wisdom of the enneagram” is a great place to start.  I studied with Russ Hudson and find his knowledge and depth of understanding to be extraordinarily.     See the Book on Amazon

When I begin Working with people I recommend they take the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator test (RHETI). This will help you determine your dominant type as well as receiving a detailed DESCRIPTION about it.     take the test link




“There are times when you can’t see the wood for the trees, and life can become overwhelming- this is where Isolde has helped me- to prioritize, understand my emotions, obtain clarity and honor my intuition. “ 



"Working with Isolde has been amazing. She was able to help me find the blind spots that were prohibiting me from reaching my potential in my career.  In just a few sessions, we had several breakthroughs that enabled me to not only find more fullfilment in my career, but also to doubling my income! "  -Anthony


"Isolde's intelligent, thoughtful and gentle approach to coaching created a sacred and safe space for me. Isolde actively listens, and in her presence, I was able to express my needs, feel heard, and be acknowledged. She is a gifted coach, intentional and compassionate. "



"Isolde was recommended to me by a friend. I was looking for an alternative therapy which could help me face my issues without digging too much in my past and relying on me to be the only person talking for hours. With Isolde, I found the perfect balance of explaining my issues and her taking the reins from there; pushing through my blockages. After a few sessions - I felt much better without having the draining psychological feeling that other therapies can bring. I would recommend her services to people who are looking for alternative ways of healing."  -JB, 36


"Isolde is an insightful coach who understands how to guide clients to their deepest essence. In my work with her, she helped me access areas where I was stuck. Through her guidance, I was able to find compassion and move into new possibilities."



"I began sessions with Isolde at a time when I was undergoing tremendous stress and had been diagnosed with breast cancer recurrence.  For decades I had been to all kinds of therapeutic practices, from traditional psychotherapy to more alternative therapies like Family Constellations and Vortex Healing, and none seemed to give me instant relief.  Within the first three sessions of working with Isolde I noticed shifts and changes in my daily habits and in the way I related to others, particularly my close family and friends.  

Working with Isolde has been a powerful journey on its own!  So much baggage has been lifted off my back, I can happily say today I feel lighter, more aware of my Self, and of how I react to specific issues and family affairs. She has also helped me understand how certain situations or conflicts are connected to past generations or traumas that I could not possibly know of, and she is able to walk me through them so that I can easily let go. 

In just these three months of meeting with her, I can joyfully say that my long time relationship has grown in beautiful ways, my health is stronger and a lot more stable, I am back to working in what I love which is art, I have become more disciplined with respect to physically exercising in the mornings…  in other words, she has shown me what tools I need to create significant changes in my life. She has been a truly powerful mirror to me.  

I would like to add that I find Isolde to be highly intuitive, a great listener and a loving soul.  Her many years of working on herself make her a unique, sensitive and powerful coach as well as therapist! 

With eyes closed I would recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking for positive changes in their life!"




Isolde is a certified life coach and is currently studying to to be a certified enneagram Consultant.